Back to School Safety Awareness Event

August 23, 2014 at 10am–1pm (Eastern Time)

Kipps Lane Community Market
1050 Kipps Ln
London, ON N5Y 4S5
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From the organizers:

"This coming Saturday August 23 2014 is going to put us on the map.
We are hosting for the community a special EVENT. The event will start sharp at 10 in the morning and will last until 1 in the afternoon or it may last longer. It will be know for years to come as the "BACK TO SCHOOL SAFETY AWARENESS" event. All children must be ready and waiting for the FIRE TRUCK to roll in. The French Day Care and The Family Centre Carling-Thames and Cachet Books Inc. have all kinds of games and activities planed.
Rock Painting, Klin-ko, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Bobbing for Apples, Skipping Rope, Hop Scotch, Hula Hoop, are just a few of the run things to do.
All kids can take part in a Scavenger Hunt and when completed all will receive a FREE book from the prize table. There will be a couple dozen Booths for all to visit. There will be some food vendors, some craft, educational, relaxing, informational the list goes on like Amway and Tupperware and on and on. The London Public Library, Scouts Canada, Child Reach, ACFO, and SENSIOM. The London Block Parent Program have some hand-out and some coloring books also. Some of the candidates for upcoming city election have offered to give a helping hand. The Media will be attending so that the world will know that it is possible to have fun and learn in a peaceful gathering.
So if you live near or far bring the kids and come out. It's FREE!"

For more information, visit the Kipps Lane Community Market's Facebook page

Will you come?