38 donors and $3,800 on my 38th birthday!

June 24th is my 38th birthday. I'm having some fun while campaigning by making it the day of my Ward 4 campaign launch party in London.

We're aiming to launch with a goal of raising $3,800 online from at least 38 donors by 2pm on the 24th, which will bring us to 20% of our campaign goal of $20,000 and help pay for essential parts of the campaign.

Your support will go a long way to helping us reach as many residents as possible in Ward 4. Just to give you an idea how we will use the funds:

  • $38 pays for 47 campaign buttons for volunteers and supporters;
  • $76 pays for 19 lawn signs;
  • $114 covers the deposit for running for city council (with $14 left over for buttons!);
  • $152 covers the cost of this campaign web site for one month;
  • $760 covers almost the entire cost of our paperless door-to-door canvassing effort.

I am grateful for the support I have received locally and from friends, family and supporters throughout the province. If re-elected, I will work hard every day to represent the residents of Ward 4 effectively. Please give generously.

I really appreciate your support!

Who’s donating: from London, ON, Canada donated. Thank you!
$5,315.32 raised
GOAL: $3,800.00

Contributions are not tax deductible.

Maximum donation is $1,200 per person. You must reside in Ontario. Corporate and union donations are not allowed. If you have or ordinarily would expect to have significant business that will be decided by city council -- for example, if you are a property developer -- please do not make a donation. Keep up the good work you are doing; we would simply like to avoid perceived conflicts of interest.

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