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Re-positioning Ward 4 as a contributor to a better London for the 21st century

This is broad, but what is needed in Ward 4 is a vision of how the area will become a great place to live and work within a London that is also a great place to live and work. The ward and its immediate surrounds carried a lot of water for the city and the region in the recent industrial era of the 20th century with many jobs in factories and the supporting commercial areas and with available, affordable, and desirable housing. Attracting people city-wide to its workplaces, its shops, and its signature events, the ward had a proud place in a (mostly) unified city. With the loss of those jobs and workplaces -- and the unlikelihood that they will be replaced by similar jobs in an era when they are being exported -- Ward 4 has become a visible symptom of a weak and disunited city. London's seams are bulging under the stress of hard economic times and a weak competitive position, and Adelaide Street has become a divide larger than at any time since the area became a part of London 129 years ago. Too many Londoners west of Adelaide fear to cross eastward and too many Londoners EOA have little reason or means to cross westward. We need to imagine a new path for the ward. Will it be start-ups and business incubation? Will it focus on culture and tourism? Who is prepared to inventory the ward's assets and leverage the residents' expertise to make Ward 4 an active contributor to a better, more competitive London? Jesse, I'm convinced that you are well-prepared for this challenge. Curtailing sprawl and re-focussing on intensification and use of existing assets is a great start. I look forward to hearing more and to helping you in your bid to lead this charge. Best of luck!

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  • Paul Seale
    published this page in Share an idea 2014-04-26 06:02:50 -0400