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As residents of Ward 4, we know what many of challenges we face in the ward and the broader city are because we encounter them in our daily lives at work, in the community and at home.

We know someone who is looking for work or for an affordable place to live.

We take the bus, so we know the frustrations of an ill-timed transfer or a bus that leaves early.

We walk, cycle and drive around the city, so we know the state of the roads and the sidewalks.

We know how fast, and how well, the snow is cleared on our street. We know when the sidewalks are cleared (or aren't).

We shop in the ward, so we know which storefronts are vacant and which are busy.

We all have our own areas of knowledge. But we need to speak up if we want to see action.

I welcome your contribution, whether it is the identification of an issue or a way that we could address an issue. I hope you will share your ideas with me and with the other candidates (in Ward 4 and elsewhere).

Please keep it friendly, both in sharing your ideas and in discussing ideas shared by your fellow Londoners.

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Get the stoplights synchronized.

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Democracy: More than Just a Vote

Our democracy is broken! If it is not broken then it is certainly suffering and on life-support. I make this claim based on the evidence that we are currently seeing the lowest voter turnout rates than we’ve seen over the last century. During the last Federal election we had the...

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Re-positioning Ward 4 as a contributor to a better London for the 21st century

This is broad, but what is needed in Ward 4 is a vision of how the area will become a great place to live and work within a London that is also a great place to live and work. The ward and its immediate surrounds carried a lot of water...

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